The little beans who took the gaming world by storm has entered into its second season, and with it added random additions to old levels, while adding four new levels to go along with this season’s medieval theme. With a good bit of games under our belts, we’ve updated our Top 5 below. Enjoy!

5th Place:

Demetri: See Saw (Unchanged)

Kyle: Hex-A-Gone (Prev. Egg Scramble)

D – Still Saw. See Saw was and still is one of the best games thanks to how much each player’s input matters. The variables added just before Season 2 throw in a bit of spice with vertically oriented platforms and a Yeetus that usually just kills you. Highly recommended.

K – What was once the best final in the game gets no real work done and remains what it is: consistently fun and tense.  Never complained when Hex-A-Gone is seen, but it stays largely unchanged.

4th Place:

Kyle: Slime Climb (Prev. See Saw)

Demetri: Hoopsie Legends (Prev. Rock n’ Roll)

K – Slime Climb gets revisions to a few pieces of the puzzle, most notably changing out the slower pendulums for additional sliding “donuts” or the unforgiving “Big Yeetus” hammers.  Still a blast to play, but the original set-up isn’t quite the eliminator it used to be.  I wish we saw more changes on the random switches, but I still enjoy what I see.

D – Move over Rock n’ Roll, I want to be selfish. Hoopsie Legends takes the concept of Hoopsie Daisy and significantly improves it with two simple changes: movable obstacles and no teams. This is a reverse battle royale, a race through a course that never feels the same twice, and every time you snag a hoop right under somebody else you’ll feel dirty in the best way.

3rd Place:

Demetri: Hex-A-Gone (Prev. Slime Climb)

Kyle: Fall Ball (Unchanged)

D – Don’t get me wrong, I will never complain about a Hex-a-Gone final (unless it’s at a full player cap but we don’t talk about those). HaG taking a slight dip doesn’t mean my enthusiasm has waned, it’s that the other two above it have improved. Mediatonic couldn’t seem to figure out any variables for this one so players have improvised with more and more playstyles emerging for the game. I’ve seen a lot more people willing to throw out grabs when that was completely absent on release, so there’s a lot less hop optimization and a lot more full on fighting. That’s a win in my book.

K – A round that was doomed to drop gets the most random changes out of any round in Season 2. Hammers, pendulum goalies, a rotating circle in the middle to stop midfield bombs, getting four balls at once. It’s wild seeing the new combinations that keep this round fresh when it absolutely needed the changes. And it sure as fuck beats playing Tail Tag.

2nd Place:

Demetri: Slime Climb (Prev. Jump Showdown)

Kyle: Hoopsie Legends (Prev. Slime Climb)

D – Still far and away the best race the game has to offer, Slime Climb has been elevated even more by the inclusion of some of the best level variables. Want to see an entire platform of beans get swept by a log? How about culling the weak via a last-second gauntlet of hammers? SC didn’t need any of this to be a top tier game, but that additional element of unpredictability has solidified its position as the best non-final.

K – Up and down the best of the new rounds added in Season 2.  Take the enjoyment of Hoopsie Daisy and crank the tension to 11 by making it a Free-For-All endeavor with movable parts to reach higher hoops.  Get 6 points to advance, and 5 point golden hoops still remain.  It’s hard to get edge of your seat moments in a game I’ve put 100+ hours into, but this is a welcome addition.

1st Place:

Jump Showdown (Prev. Hex-A-Gone)

D – I loved this thing in the beta, have played it loads of times since its reintroduction, and love it even more now. JS is the closest Fall Guys ever gets to just letting you punch other players in the face. Sure you have to navigate the jump part the entire time but who among us hasn’t thrown hands once the platforms stop falling? Cowards, that’s who. People who haven’t earned their Letterman jackets in the best Fall Guys game.

K – So I didn’t get to play this in the Beta and maybe two weeks after release they dropped this in, and man, you’re right: this is it.  I love this final because it’s the only one that you really feel you can control your destiny.  Grabbing opponents right before the bottom kneecapper rolls through can send your enemies flying, and outplaying others with precise jumping and pacing is a beautiful science.  I want this every final round.