Reviews as Fair as a Die Roll

est. 2019 – Articles Every Wednesday and Sometimes Saturday

The Pixel Die Scale

Reviews scores are like a roll of the die; the higher the roll, the better the outcome. When you see our numbers at the end of a review, here’s a summary of what we mean:

1 – Literally unplayable. Doesn’t function mechanically or technically. Never should have happened. Releasing this is embarrassing.

2 – Broken. Whatever this is going for, it doesn’t work on any level. To play this is to constantly grapple with frustration.

3 – Bad. Poor concept and/or poor execution. If you play this the only fun you’ll have will be at the game’s expense.

4 – Weak. There may be some good ideas present, but they’re overwhelmed by notable flaws that impact the experience.

5 – Mediocre. It works fine, it plays fine, but nothing stands out. The greatest sin this commits is being forgettable.

6 – Decent. Enjoyable, albeit potentially niche appeal. Doesn’t stick the landing on everything it attempts but hits more than it misses.

7 – Good. A solid game that achieves its goals. Individual elements may be uneven, but the overall experience is a positive one.

8 – Great. Any potential flaws are irrelevant and inconsequential. A top shelf entry in its genre, and a game that deserves to be in the conversation long-term.

9 – Phenomenal. The kind of game that fully improves on others that came before it. Feels like a classic.

10 – Ascended. A work so singular, so impactful, that it isn’t just best in class but one of the best of all time. A genuine achievement.

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