Hola Señors and Señoritas!

Another season is upon us, which means more anime to run through and dabble with in my free time.  This season I’m gonna give you the potential bangers and personal choices I’m feeling in the early moments of the Winter 2022 season.

Let’s go:

I mean. Come on.

After its first episode early in 2013, we’ve finally reached the conclusion to Eren’s saga as the battle for Titan power comes full head. I very much expect no one to be safe from perishing and I’m imagining the shenanigans to be in full force. Many twists and turns as the battle for Supremacy comes to its final crescendo are to be expected. Lets just hope Yuichiro Hayashi, Jun Shishido, and the rest of MAPPA can vault over what is going to be an impossibly high bar to clear.

I mean. Come on.

You saw the movie right? That shit was amazing, right? Then there’s no excuse to not be on board with Demon Slayer’s hotly anticipated second season. Though having a bunch of kids mosey around in the “Entertainment” district is a little odd, Demon Slayer cannot miss with it’s eye-popping animation and style, as well as its comedic timing being on-point as per usual. I really don’t have to pull you to watch this, because chances are you already are and we’re just in this together now.

Be ready for your waifu of the season. Wakana Gojou spends his days in high school without an abundance of friends, but surrounded by the love of his grandfather’s craft of making artisan dolls with hopes of making it his future. When a choice encounter at their school’s Home Ec room brings the uber-popular Marin Kitagawa to see Gojou’s talents, Kitagawa’s aspirations to be a cosplayer brings the two together to be friends in crafts and maybe more. It leans into its fanservice and almost feels like a parallel anime to Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, but man it’s got the humor and potential romance to stick along and see where it goes.

My big 50/50 pick of the season. The calm, cool, and collected Chateau Dankworth has her new target in sight: the prolific killer Son Ryang-ha. The only problem? Son has his new target in sight: Chateau’s heart…in love! I’ll be honest, the first episode felt a little sketchy. You’re wondering why Son is trying so hard, why can’t he see the signals she doesn’t want him, why are there so many scenes of him just physically overpowering her? It feels…weird.  Then the last scene of the first episode provides some possible backstory as to why Son is trying so hard and my interest is brought back. I will give this its chance and hopefully its payout is as good as what the bounty hunters make.

That’s all I have for this Season! Anything else I should be watching? Let me know.