Hola Señors and Señoritas!

Another season is upon us, which means more anime to run through and dabble with in my free time. I’m gonna give you the potential bangers and personal choices I’m feeling in the early moments of the Winter 2023 season. And honestly, there was not a lot to choose from this season. To be honest, this season is fucking Isekai-Land and that was never my schtick. So, for what’s around this season…

Let’s go:

Also, everything is now hyperlinked to their respective MAL page. Click the images below for more info on the shows!

Guilty Pleasure Alert: There’s a lot to not like on this series.  It’s a bit too cringey at times, slotted nicely in the “Good Luck Explaining this to People Asking What You’re Watching” genre.  But there’s just enough morsels of good comedy and heartwarming moments between the two protagonists that it’s worth wading through the muck (at least to me).

I know what a lot of y’all are thinking: why are they remaking something that already has a good original?  We all felt this when Cowboy Bebop got its Netflix Live Action adaptation.  But hear me out:  It’s very promising!  The CGI is very well done and is giving me Lupin III: The First vibes albeit missing some frames given a TV to Movie budget difference.  Best bet would be to watch this and not compare, but indulge in a different telling of a familiar story and your Double Dollars will go farther.

Cute people doing cute things for each other.  A lot of Manga readers were stoked to see this receive an anime adaptation and I can see why.  This anime is sugary sweet, almost too much where plot points were repeating in its first episode.  But I’m willing to see it through given the oft-handed scenario of “Office Space Comedy meets Yokai-Dipped Character Arcs.”

This is SpyXFamily but bro’d out.  That’s all I need to know.

Others to look into (or catch up on):

That’s all I have for this Season! Anything else I should be watching? Let me know.