Horfðu bara upp

What is Viltnemda?

Viltnemda can be a lot of things.

Viltnemda in Icelandic means “wildlife,” a common base for all things outdoors and the inhabitants that accompany it. The swaying trees housing small critters while shielding the sun from the bigger predators that lay dormant in the shadows. To the deer, bears, birds, and all living things in between, they are all Viltnemda. Viltnemda can be those who share a common love with these things. An extension of themselves to protect and nourish its inhabitants and the land nurturing them. So when something does the bidding to harness a tortuous end to a piece of Viltnemda…

You must answer to Viltnemda.

What a Tuesday it’s been. You’ve been called out into the forest to investigate the findings of a wounded deer. This darkness is blinding for you, but not for the residents molded to live through it. The rain fogs the white noise bouncing off each and every tree, masking the correct path through the towering lumber like a mirrored house. Once you step out of your vehicle to approach the small bundle of shacks providing a small illuminated checkpoint in the darkness, you and your flashlight are introduced to the wounded deer, the noises in the night, and a glowing structure in the distance, that almost feels like it’s calling you there.

Viltnemda means you aren’t alone.

When searching around the area for what could’ve hurt the animal, you hear soft rumblings around you. Dark figures with piercing white eyes creep ever-so-closer to you, but a direct hit from your flashlight keeps them at bay. While you proceed forward and take to avoiding these spirits, it almost feels like they are leading you deeper into the forest. They will come in bunches, pulling your attention to your right but letting one from your left intrude your personal space. You don’t know why they’re so interested in you. Did they do this? Do they think you did this?

Viltnemda has been waiting for you.

As you reach the mysterious structure at the top of the forest, you’ve encountered creatures that don’t feel of this world in a place that has transformed into a sarcophagus-like tunnel projecting you one way deeper into its tomb. It’s a small, bite-sized piece of unsettling horror that provides enough questions to want more than what is given. But what else could you want? Viltnemda is here.

Just look up.

This title is free to play and was reviewed through the Steam version.