Hola Señors and Señoritas!

Another season is upon us, which means more anime to run through and dabble with in my free time. I’m gonna give you the potential bangers and personal choices I’m feeling in the early moments of the Summer 2022 season (and the in the future!). And honestly, there was a lot to choose from this season.

Let’s go:

My biggest anime to return this season as Kazuya, Chizuru, and the rest of the “how about that, these girls are out of high school” harem are back for Season 2.  Chizuru is looking to leave the Rental business behind and develop an earnest career in acting as Kazuya sweats the idea of her leaving the business altogether.  He’s happy to see the hard work paying off for her, but is also a little concerned with how breaking the news to his Grandmother is going to be that they aren’t together anymore (and without payment, never were to begin with.)

This anime is a big ol’ guilty pleasure of mine.  Equal parts silly, endearing, and stupid: but it makes for a fun watch that easily pulled me through the first 12 episodes and will most likely do the same again this season.

Shoutout CurtRichy/Beyond the Bot on YouTube because this anime would sit nice and comfortable in their “Anime You Can’t Watch in Public” series.  Taking place on an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean, rich in new energy resources, Veyron City is succumbed to demons looking to retrieve those resources for themselves.  Shuu is a demon hunter who provides security to the city for an auctioned fee working alongside fellow hunter and ex-girlfriend, Ayano, and current girlfriend and Type A-Demon, Kisara.  Kisara works together with Shuu to keep the city safe and provide funds for themselves to live a better life for one another.

Oh, and Kisara gets her powers from, uh.  Um.  Getting a whole lotta PDA from Shuu.

Again, not an anime that’ll be easy to explain at first glance, but the action scenes are pretty neat and I’m sure the shenanigans between Kisara and Ayano will be humorous.  This one might get dropped depending on how hard they lean to the fanservice, but I’ll give it a few more weeks.

I feel a real sleeper hit here.

For a bustling city to maintain peace at any costs, there’s a price that must be paid to maintain that image.  Working in secret away from the public eye, an all-girl group of agents named Lycoris work to snuff out criminals and terrorist plots before they can become a public problem.  When Takina disobeys protocol and orders to finish a mission her way, she’s re-assigned to a off-beat cafe shop in town that coincidentally is helped run by one of the greatest Lycoris ever to don the title, a cheerful girl named Chisato.  Here the cafe works on helping with smaller tasks to help the neighboring areas, while also working on cases the secret sectors will not address.

I love the animation style and overall tempo of the 1st episode.  Very cheerful and funny, good action sequences, and some interesting characters to boot.  I’m hooked big on this one and can’t wait to see more!

Soon to be Released:

Considering we are 5 years removed from the first season debuting but this series managed to provide three movies before finally getting back to its TV roots, so this second season has been a little sought-after to say the least.  Hopefully we get some more answers about the Abyss as Reg, Riko, and Nanachi descend further into the mysterious cave and all the horrors it provides.

Staying in my bag here in the Slice of Life genre as two high school students combat their potential interest in each other in front of their love of the game of Shogi.  I’m a sucker for the cute romance and nothing more so I’m hoping for the best with the fact this involves first-years.  Please don’t make me regret watching this pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

I don’t dabble super hard into action-y style anime, but this one is piquing interest: when seven samurai known as the Shinsengumi are wiped off the map by an unknown force, seven criminals are chosen to become doubles of the slain to maintain order and security amongst Kyoto and to seek answers as to what happened.

Not sure if this will be a whole season or maybe short 12-15 minute episodes…but it’s an anime all about the mannerisms and habits of cats.  It’s an anime about how cats are cats.  It’s cats.  Cats, dude.

Big hype for this one as the lack of crazy gambling ladies has been apparent lately.  Considered a spin-off pseudo-prequel of the main story, this arc follows Mary Saotome and her (oh so close) rise to fame before meeting Yumeko and Co.  This’ll hopefully be a nice morsel to chew on while we wait for Kakegurui’s third season.

That’s all I have for this Season! Anything else I should be watching? Let me know.