“PixelDie Video and Board Game Reviewing Agency, Kyle speaking!”

“Yes, we are in the middle of Wizard Month.”

“You have something involving a wizard that we could use?”

“Well, tell me more about it…”

For sure!  With help from the folks at SUPERHOT, worm club, as well as Grace Bruxner and Thomas Bowker, they’ve come up with the next case for me, The Detective, and the Frog Detective Crime Solving Agency: The Case of the Invisible Wizard!  Chaos has struck the small, nocturnal town of Warlock Woods as the resident’s planned parade for its newest member has been torn asunder in the dead of night!

“…but isn’t it always night there?”

…yes, but still!  It’s my job as the Frog Detective to question the locals and gather clues and motives to figure out who could’ve ruined this really cool parade for their really cool invisible homeowner!

“Sounds interesting, what else happens?”

Well, equipped with my trusty magnifying glass, my sticker-laden notebook decorated to my liking, and my keen knack of getting information out of people with honesty and a dash of stoic realism: I take a first-person romp through the tiny town in search of information that can help my case.  I met a bunch of interesting people, like a zebra who owns a 24 hour shop and a rhino with pipes you wouldn’t believe!

“A rhino singing?  How does that sound?”

Not well!  She also extorts me for money, but it’s no big deal.  I question each resident and while using my cunning deduction to pull information from them, it seems like everyone needs a little help as well.  Another witch lost all her pies, and a moose soaking in a hot tub is particularly hungry, and angry.  Hangry?

“That’s a good word for it.”

Right, so Very Hangry.  They all were a blast to talk to, some were very funny, others seemed a little suspicious, but by helping these residents out, I was able to get closer to solving my case!  Everything came together nicely for my counterparts since when I helped one person with their problem they gave me something that was able to help another!  And it’s super helpful how I can be super helpful to them!

“Sounds like you had your hands, uh, webbed limbs?..uh, full?”

Close enough!  Thankfully with some quick thinking and using my expertise to its maximum, I finished up this case in less than 2 hours!  Pretty quick work for myself, but I was very content with how much I was able to do in that time and had a great time.  I know I’ve got another case coming soon, so maybe you’ll want to hear it soon?

“For sure!  I’ll write down everything you’ve told me here and put it up for all to see, citing my sources of course.”

Good to know!  Well, I’m off to take the train for my next case, talk to you soon!

“Stay safe out there, and tell Lobster Cop I said hey!…I’m a big fan.”


PixelDie independently paid for Frog Detective’s story for review.