Listen, we know you’ve heard of Fall Guys. You’ve probably played it, or watched someone play it, or at least had someone explain why you should’ve bought it already. So we’ll save the review of it. Frankly, it’s great. We’ve been playing it a lot.

So we decided to go and pick our five favorite games of the lot. Let us know what you think and maybe we’ll see you on the Bean Battlefield!

5th Place:

Egg Scramble (Kyle) / See Saw (Demetri)

Kyle – What might be a throwaway game for others is unintentionally funny and amazing by the players’ circumstance.  The premise for Egg Scramble is simple: gather eggs into your basket, remove eggs from other baskets, don’t be last in points when the timer runs out.  But when two teams silently agree to absolutely gang-bust the 3rd team into oblivion and people are quitting mid game out of either frustration or embarrassment it’s worth every penny.

Demetri – Fuck yellow. I hope they never see another egg in their entire lives. Now See Saw, See Saw is the thinking Guy’s race. Yes you can just blitz through, and I usually do, but sometimes you’re going to take a tumble and be stuck with the rest of the crowd. This is where the true game lies because See Saw is all about physics, group-think, and brinkmanship. When do you make your run for the next platform, knowing full well that everyone else wants to do the same? How long can you sit on a saw to sabotage it without rolling off yourself? It’s diabolically fun and just as funny. All my homies love See Saw, and everyone who complains about it needs to play it until they understand.

Kyle – All the homies love See Saw. Make your friends quick then leave ’em in the dust.

4th Place:

See Saw (Kyle) / Rock n’ Roll (Demetri)

Kyle – See-Saw is one race that looks simple, but will take cooperation of people who are all trying to finish before one another in order for anyone to even make it.  It’s also up here because you’re never really out of a See-Saw race.  I’ve seen people take 5 falls and come back and still qualify, so it’s never too late to pull a fast one.

Demetri – That’s the other key thing with See Saw, for sure. I’ve seen people give up and just start AFK’ing on the checkpoints, or just throw themselves endlessly at an impossible platform. Never give up! It’s always possible.

Rock n’ Roll is the team game for people who don’t like team games. What makes Rock ‘n’ Roll special is how it’s played in two parts: an honest to goodness team exercise where you have to intuit where your new “friends” are going to roll the ball, and a brawl in the pit for which team actually gets to complete the task. It’s a singular experience in the FG roster, one that truly evokes the spirit of the gameshows it’s inspired by.

Kyle – The shenanigans at the end make Rock n’ Roll for me, with three teams around one has to get the shaft, you just better make sure it isn’t yours.

3rd Place:

Slime Climb (Demetri) / Fall Ball (Kyle)

Demetri – Let’s. Fucking. Go. I like all the races in this game but Slime Climb is without a doubt the best, in large part due to its lethality. Where most of the races end up keeping the pack more or less intact and permit a good number of beans through Slime Climb makes you earn it every step of the way. It’s got every kind of hazard you can imagine, as well as several opportunities for shortcuts and high risk/high reward moves, with the tension ratcheted up to 11 thanks to the constant threat of the ever-rising yogurt below. A blast to master that never loses its edge.

Kyle – Slime Climb kicked my ass six ways to Sunday the first few times I played it. You have to respect that course because it will tear you a new one if you aren’t careful.

Any team-based sport with shenanigans is a win in my book, so taking Fall Ball: a two-team match where whoever scores the most goals in 2 minutes wins, and the only good way of getting momentum is launching yourself missile-style into a ball is great.  I’ve had a ton of tense matches with legit defensive strategies being made on the fly with no vocal communication, and having two balls in play at all times makes the competition that much more intense.  Just pray you get the elusive 5-goal egg for your team.

Demetri – Hitting headers from midfield straight into the other team’s goal feels fantastic. I like this game more than I love it, but I really do like it. (Peep this man’s 11-1 slapping up top – Kyle)

2nd Place:

Jump Showdown (Demetri) / Slime Climb (Kyle)

Demetri – This is one where you’re going to have to take my word for it. I played this a bunch in the beta, but it’s been removed from rotation as of release and that’s a tragedy. I want you to imagine Jump Club, only it’s a final elimination round. Got it? Cool, now make the floor wedges start falling 1 by 1 until everyone’s stuck on a single spot and you’ve got the purest of endurance matches. That’s Jump Showdown, and it’s glorious. I miss it so.

Kyle – I did not get into the Beta, so yeah, I’m gonna have to take your word on it.

But Slime Climb we both know good and well, and y’all. You think this shit is a race?  This is a certified eliminator.  Fuck the butter sticks mid-way through.  Fuck the un-passable patterns for the pushers.  Fuck the traffic that makes some obstacles impossible.  But man, when you qualify, and even more so get 1st place, you are on Cloud Nine my dude.  Great, tense obstacle course that never fails to eliminate 15+ people.

Demetri – I think you’re right about this being an eliminator, and that’s probably why I like it so much. Elimination games are my favorite and Slime Climb, intentionally or otherwise, is a great one.

1st Place:

Hex-A-Gone (Both of us, honestly.)

Kyle – The only skill-based final round that never fails to bring some nail-biting finishers to an episode.  The amount of mind-games played is staggering, and there’s multiple ways to pull a W: whether jumping on individual hexes to lengthen your stay on a floor, or speeding through a ton of them to open up several areas and cut off your opponents’ lines.  You never feel really cheated out on this one, and one of these days I’ll get my time in the spotlight as the last man standing.

Demetri – Yeah, this was a no brainer. Hex-A-Gone is good enough that you could make an entire game out of it and it’d be worthy of praise. There’s a lot of room for tactical play here that most of Fall Guys doesn’t typically bother with, making it feel all the more satisfying when you outwit, out-hop, and out-maneuver 10 other people for the crown. More games like this for season 2 please.

What’s your favorite game this season? Let us know!